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Corporate Name actuarise,Inc.
Business Description Software Development and Sales

530-0041Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Tenjinbashi 1-19-16 Maekawa Building

Established August 7, 2013

8,000,000 Yen



Businessmen worry whether or not that they can see safely, any outside information that is seen from a personal computer in-house, and desire to see information on the go safely.Also, office workers are struggling to accommodate in response to inquiries from the people outside of the office.WebCliple is a service application that is installed on your computer to capture the desired screen at regular intervals, making it possible to view the information quickly and safely away from home as a still image that has been trimmed.(Patented in Japan in 2012)

Team ToDo

Team ToDo
Usually people use a variety of memos such as labels, notes, ToDo, Smartphone apps, to remember the jobs they need to accomplish. This is why they sometimes lose or forget the jobs that have been requested and need to be accomplished.
It is difficult to find requested mail in a full of inbox.
Using Team ToDo, all parties in a group can operate the same To-Do list and input a task on another person’s list directory.
After the task has been completed, a file-level of “Thank you point” is given for your work.
(Each evaluation is not reported to other partners.)
(We applied for a patent in 2013, for international patent in 2014.)

Sales Partners Wanted

We are looking for companies that can be entrusted with maintenance support for actuarise product in
Chinese and English speaking countries.
Taiwan or Hong Kong (Chinese-speaking)
Singapore (English-speaking) or the West Coast of the United States
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